Woodbridge Primary School

Woodbridge aspires to be the most caring and encouraging community school

Nature Play

In the past, playing outside in nature was a normal part of childhood; but with the growth of urban living, opportunities for this to occur are becoming more limited. Research has shown that children who play regularly in natural settings are sick less often. Mud, sand, water, leaves, sticks and gum nuts can help to stimulate children's immune system as well as their imagination. Children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active and healthy, and develop better social skills. 


Our Nature Play Areas

In 2014, the school completed an audit of our play areas with Nature Play WA to identify areas of improvements, with the vision of creating such an environment for our students. Since then, staff and parents, in liaison with community members, have designed and developed four major Nature Play areas in the school so students of all ages can experience natural play. Local artists have created wonderful pieces of play art to complement these spaces. 


Loose Parts Play

In 2016, the project was extended to include loose parts play, with our students now having access to three areas around the school. The children have delighted in the opportunity to engage in imaginative play with boats, pipes, seats, steering wheels, boxes, old telephones, wooden spools, sheets and other pieces of fabric, tubs, springs, dress-ups etc.

We are always looking for more items, so please contact the school if you have any loose parts for our students to play with.